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Summative Evaluation- Is the Family Disappearing?
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The Family We Know Today

The Modern Day Family
         From researching theorists' views on the family one can see that there are different views on what a family is. In today's society there are many different types of families and everyone in society is attached to a family. We as society tend to view families as being the common two parents with children who live together (Maslen, 2004), but there are in fact different family forms than this. Many theorists believe that our family system today is thriving more than ever as Valerie Wiener(1997) stated "Some sociologists say that family life is thriving like never before. How we value our family enhances the lives of each family member. Individuals are no longer locked into traditional roles, including those of marriage and parenting. Of course, these revised roles will influence future generations. Our awareness should prompt us to discover new, improved ways to value our families." Families in this time period vary in nature, but are still classified as families whether parents live together or not, whether you are adopted, and more recently, whether you are part of a same-sex family. 
               When sociologists study ones family they are constantly coming out with

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